Comprehensive solution for water treatment. Learn what chemical is the most suitable for your goals.
Innovative technologies for oil production. Learn what chemical is the most suitable for your goals
Advanced experience in protection of buildings and facilities from ingress and destructive action of water, consolidation of soils Learn what chemical is the most suitable for your goals.
Automated systems for the preparation, dosing and injection of reagents of our own production.
Automation, supply and product control systems
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and laboratory
and laboratory
The modern in-house laboratory is the center of scientific research stream. In the laboratory, our specialists perform development of new customized receipts and technologies.
The laboratory allows to efficiently perform the following operations:
  • Analytical studies of water from different sources
  • Modeling of scaling and corrosion development processes on the patented testing unit
  • Determination of level of microbiological contamination and biofouling rate: total microbial count, acid-producing and sulfate-reducing bacteria, Legionella, adenosine triphosphate content
  • Processing and synthesis of polymers, initial components for corrosion and scaling inhibitors, and also biocides and biodispersants
  • Benchmarking of chemicals efficiency
  • Determination of content of oil products and suspended solids
  • Mobile lab is used to perform tests directly at facilities
  • Studying data of chemical and process control
  • Laboratory checks and testing
  • Issue of recommendations, preparation and implementation
  • Commercial operation
Circumspect methods of product delivery within the shortest possible time. In-house operational logistics and location of shipment points allow to deliver products to the customer within the shortest time periods.
The Company`s warehouses are located in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Yekaterinburg, which allows to promptly deliver loads to CIS and European countries. We independently deal with Customs house issues. All loads are shipped by in-house vehicle park. Customer pick-up is provided upon the client’s request.
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